How We Invest


We believe we serve two mutually-dependent customer bases: our investors (a.k.a. “limited partners”) and the entrepreneurs we partner with. We believe a tremendous opportunity has been created in the earliest stages of private investing by the migration of institutional venture capital funds towards greater fund sizes and larger investments into the later-stages of each company. We work daily to prove that our skill sets are particularly well suited to investing in such seed and early-stage start-ups in the technology and life science sectors in Southern California. We believe we can focus such new companies’ progress and accelerate their achievement of definitive milestones as well as prepare them for follow-on investments in the later-stages by combining our technical / operational expertise and capital.

Investment Criteria

We are looking for capital efficient start-ups with a differentiated and sustainable competitive advantage targeting large, addressable and growing markets with clear operational and financial objectives based on early milestones/proofs of concept that are value-adding and reduce risk. Our ideal management teams (however incomplete at the time of the investment!) will be able and willing to work closely with us to develop and grow their businesses.

Investment Process

If you think you have an opportunity that fits our model and philosophy, just contact the appropriate investment professional directly via email with a short description of what it is you are up to and we can go from there. If there is interest after the initial information has been provided, we will contact you to arrange a call or meeting (depending on the logistics and our level of interest). If there is continued mutual interest in working together after our initial call/meeting, we will instruct you from there as to next steps. We are a proud member of the National Venture Capital Association and our investment docs are modeled after their “model docs” so please feel free to refer to them as a reference. We take board seats on all the companies we invest in and actively work to help the companies grow their respective businesses.