Our Portfolio

Chromacode is redefining molecular testing through data science. ChromaCode’s HDPCR™ multiplexing technology is the unique coupling of widely-used, low-cost chemistries with proprietary software using data science algorithms to perform higher multiplexing at a very low cost.


Nimble for Good (Nimble) is a direct to consumer, sustainability-design driven consumer electronics brand, offering high quality consumer tech products at prices ½ of that in retail stores and cost-competitive with Chinese-factory brands that dominate eCommerce sales. Nimble’s leading design aesthetic and eco-materials is driven by efforts to make the products as sustainably and transparently as possible.


CloudKeyz has developed a patented system for secured access management, in particular for multi-tenant buildings. The Company has a software-driven hardware system that leverages mobile and cloud computing technologies for the tenant, property manager and the property guests.


CLI Studios is an EdTech SaaS-driven business focused on the Performing Arts Education market, starting initially with dance studios and primary schools. CLI offers an online platform to connect dance studios and schools with professional dancers for live and pre-recorded content and programs, access to live remote choreography sessions and training programs for both teachers and individualized training for dancers.


Expanse 3D has developed ground breaking processes and technologies to disrupt the large industrial 3D printing industry. The company is developing the first end-to-end, from CAD file to finished product with no human involvement.


Slingshot Aerospace is company providing big data solutions utilizing best of class AI analytics of sensor data and signals.


Trackstreet is SaaS company with an e-commerce analytics and brand protection software platform helping internet business worldwide.


WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc. is an emerging market leader in anti-drone technology.


Templarbit is a cybersecurity company developing the most effective ways to protect applications from malicious activity.


CrowdStrike Logo

CrowdStrike is a software security company leveraging big data analytics to change the way entities improve informational security.


Specright is a SaaS company offering an enterprise-ready solution specifically designed to manage component specification data.


Connectifier is a SaaS company with the best solution for discovering and connecting with candidates among all recruiting technologies.

(Acquired by LinkedIn [NYSE: LNKD])



SignNow is the easiest way to sign a document anywhere you go. You can sign your own documents, or invite clients to sign and close contracts faster! SignNow is free to use and simple to get started.

(Acquired by Barracuda Networks [NYSE: CUDA])


Transaction Wireless (TW) is a mobile commerce, payment and one-to-one relationship marketing company enabling a unique link between consumers, retailers and brands via any PC or mobile device leveraging TW’s proprietary technologies. Transaction Wireless’ product portfolio includes wGiftCard, a suite of solutions for the next generation of gift cards and stored value programs delivered to any mobile phone or email; wConnect, a multimedia mobile messaging platform that can extend any brands’ marketing programs to the mobile phone or PC; and wCharge, a small merchant mobile POS credit card terminal.

(Acquired by First Data, Inc.[NYSE: FDC])



BabyList is a company that allows you to put anything on your baby registry from any store.


Helixis, Inc. is a developer of advanced nucleic acid analysis tools that are based on technology spun out of Caltech for research and clinical applications.

Helixis research solutions combine innovative technologies and design, an experienced management team, and most importantly direct feedback from researchers. The company’s mission is to provide high performance instrument systems designed for individual researcher access and use.

(Acquired by Illumina [Nasdaq: ILMN])

OrthAlign, Inc. is committed to providing orthopedic surgeons with user-friendly, cost-effective, surgical navigation products for precise alignment. We believe that our technology will raise the standard of care in joint surgery by making consistent and measurable results accessible to all surgeons, hospitals and patients.



Obalon Therapeutics, Inc. is an engineering-driven medical technology company with a singular focus on innovative, high-quality gastric balloon technology. Located in San Diego, California, the technical team at Obalon has a long history of working closely with leading clinicians to develop innovative medical products that revolutionize treatment of chronic disease. Obalon has commercialized the first and only FDA-approved balloon system for weight loss. Founded in 2008 by Okapi Ventures and Domain Associates, Obalon Therapeutics went public in 2016




WellTok is fundamentally transforming the way population health managers partner with consumers to optimize their health and get rewarded. Its groundbreaking CaféWell Health Optimization Platform™ organizes the growing spectrum of health and condition management programs, communities, apps and tracking devices. The platform, accessible via web and mobile, drives engagement by providing personalized guidance and leveraging social, gaming and cognitive technologies. Welltok’s novel approach increases revenue, improves operational efficiency and drives healthcare value.



BioTrace Medical is dedicated to reinventing temporary pacing to improve patient outcomes and reduce hospital costs. BioTrace is currently commercializing the company’s Tempo® Lead, an innovative temporary pacing lead designed for use in procedures in which temporary pacing is indicated, including transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) and electrophysiology (EP) procedures.


GrowthHackers is a software company creating solutions to help companies identify and capitalize on more web visitor revenue opportunities.


Pegasus Solar has developed commercial and residential solar mounting systems that enable solar manufacturers to turn their solar module into an integrated module and mounting system. The design reduces raw material, shifts labor from the field to the factory and simplifies logistics throughout the supply chain.



Focal Therapeutics is a medical device company that was established to help surgeons, radiation oncologists, and other clinicians to clearly identify a surgical site through the use of an innovative tissue marker.  The company’s BioZorb™ tissue marker is an implantable device placed by surgeons that delineates the site of tissue removal in three dimensions. BioZorb is applicable to virtually all forms of radiation therapy and assists physicians in treatment planning, patient positioning during treatment, and long-term follow-up.



WiserCare uses a patented intelligent agent to analyze the patient’s clinical situation, quality of life preferences and treatment goals, and provide personalized, evidence-based guidance on what treatments fit best. This equips patients and physicians to act as decision partners in ways other tools and approaches simply can’t.